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If you’ve ever wanted to use an older, adult dating site over 50 for sex, chances are you had in your head the fantasy of meeting a mature fuck buddy. A special lady who is happy to meet you for regular, no strings attached sex. Whether you go to her house, or she goes to yours, you both agree to find a way to make it work that brings you both, immense pleasure and satisfaction. Unfortunately, we speak to a lot of new members who join our site that say the fantasy never became a reality. There are of course multiple reasons for this, but generally, it’s because they have been let down by other f-buddy dating sites that promised them the world and gave them very little. The main flaw with sites that suggest they just cater for ‘fuck buddies’ is that memberships are short lived. Imagine you’re an attractive, hot older woman, you join a site promoting no string sex, you sign up, with a day you’ve probably met 5 or 6 local guys, maybe even some other women for lesbian hook-ups, and now you’ve got regular contact, what’s the point in keeping your profile open and active? Well, there isn’t one.

That is the problem with 99% of these types of sites, the turnover of members is just fat too fast for guys to find any substantial long-term sex relationships. Unless their prepared to remain active 24/7, and then jump on the presence of any new woman that pops up on their local search results. Thankfully there is an answer to all this. Our site, filthy over fifty dating, is not a fuck buddy site, however, that does not mean mature women are not meeting up for regular sex with several partners. Just because we don’t class ourselves as that type of site, doesn’t mean those sorts of interaction do not occur. Put it like this, you can go into a Fish and Chip shop and come out with sausage and mushy peas if you wanted to, what’s written on the label isn’t always what’s inside the tin. So with that said how many of our members are meeting up for regular, NSA sex? Well, a hell of a lot to be blunt about it. The other you need to bear in mind is that we cater for a more mature, older age of women, the type of women who have sort of been there, got the t-shirt and want to buy a new, younger, fresher one. I mean to call us basis but the type of female members we have signed up are just gagging to be fucked by some younger dick. So, of course, we are going to see a lot of shagging hook-ups happening when you put together two societies must sexually frustrated demographics.

What attracts women over 50 to be an f-buddy on our site

We can’t exactly say it’s one specific reason that entices an older woman to feel comfortable and at ease with our dating platform. We believe it’s down to several elements, and not always the same ones, and not always in the same order. The other thing that plays a huge part in the attraction to our site is that we have been around for nearly 9 years. During this time we have improved, and developed, and updated, and removed so many areas of our site and service, striving to give the most filthy and sexy experience for all our users, whether that’s being old, or young. From asking some of the over-fifty women on our site we can say that the following list contains the main attractive qualities for joining our website.

  • Established in 2006 means it has years of experience and trust behind it
  • Attracts the right kind of guys for women of our age to meet up with
  • Has tons of security features to protect my information and activities
  • 1000s of local guys for me to browse and message
  • No fake, or scamming profiles, that I have ever met
  • Loads of different interests to keep the fun in the bedroom different every time
  • Friendly and easy to use dating platform that I feel comfortable uploading photos, and updating my diary entries
  • A friendly customer support phone number open 6 days a week
  • The chance to explore my filthy side, while remaining safe and secure
  • It’s just a good laugh, and not taken too seriously like some other sites

These are the main points we took away from the feedback we were given by some of our most popular and active female members. What’s interesting is that none of them specifically said they were looking to become anyone’s mature fuck buddy, yet they did all suggest meeting up for sex. Which goes back to our original point, it’s not always what’s written on the tin!

If you’re interested in joining a dating site like this and feel you fit into the type of member who would get the most out of this service than we highly encourage you to sign up for a free trial membership period. This is the best way to test the waters without having to dive right in.

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