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Granny Dating

Although both sites cater towards men looking to meet up with an older audience, Granny Dating is, in fact, a very different to our mature sex dating website. Have sex with grannies is generally considered more of an extreme fetish than say having sex with a woman over 50. Ladies over fifty could easily be considered mums, or wives, and fit more under the classification of a ‘cougar’ as opposed to a ‘granny’. However what both online sites do share is the same thrilling, and exciting platform designed to connect guys with older women for local, UK sex hook-ups and finding a mature fuck buddy. If you imagined these two sites were siblings from the same family, would have to be considered the younger one. Possibly a little bit more naive, albeit a lot more up for experimentation and endless possibilities to explore. It’s important to gain trust in our site and brand, has a lot of trusts and is not considered to be a safe website due to its popularity and visitor count.

Which of these two sites has more members?

After looking at we can see that their member base is relatively similar to ours, although understandably it might be a little smaller. There are a few things you must consider before just dismissing a site that caters to a very special type of older lady. First of all, a 50-year-old woman surfing the net, and actively looking for a mature dating site to find sex, is going to be a much more likely scenario than a woman in her 60’s even 70’s doing the same. Obviously, it happens, and we are in complete awe of how many older members has acquired, but if you put the two age demographics next to each other, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see that the younger of the two is more likely to sign-up. Saying that though, we must also take into consideration that it’s entirely possible to meet a granny at the age of 50, so age is a very hard one to calculate who is more likely to sign up to which site. However, one thing we can deduce from this comparison is that relies on a much older woman feeling particularly dirty, and wanting to meet younger men. Whereas it’s common knowledge that when ladies hit their fifties they suddenly become a lot more sexual, with a much bigger sex drive than ever before.

Do these two sites have different features?

Well without being able to actually directly see the list of features available on granny dating we can’t with any certainty say what exactly they might, or might not be doing differently to us. However we can see what they do the same, and if we are comparing these two sites next to each other it might be good to show you this feature list. Seeing as is one of the biggest, and most popular mature sex dating sites for meeting older women in the UK, any tool or feature they implement you can pretty much bet is going to be a good thing. So here is a list of features and tools that we share with them.

  • Ability to perform a local search within a 5 mile to 120 mile radius
  • Filter search results through interests, like swinging, anal, oral, etc
  • Be able to search through 1000s of photos and videos of members
  • Read dirty diary entries from members
  • Send and receive unlimited messages
  • Uses SSL security features to encrypt all personal and private details
  • Uses a human team to verify all new profiles created
  • Doesn’t send out spam or junk email to any registered account
  • Has a customer helpline running 6 days a week, 9am5pm

I like the sound of how do I sign up?

If you’ve enjoyed reading this article on how we compare to similar sites in the same sort of niche as us, but feel filthy over fifty dating really comes out on top, and is an adult dating site you would like to sign up to then it’s really quite simple to get involved. Start by either clicking the sign-up button below this text or navigate up to the fast track sign up from at the top of this page. It will only take 2 minutes of your time, and only requires a username and genuine email address. After you’ve signed up you’ll be part of our platform and be meeting mature women over 50 looking for sex, from all over the UK and especially within your local area.

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