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Adult Dating Over 50

If you are, good news; we’ve got just the thing for you! Our adult dating site over 50 is one of the biggest and best in the UK. We appeal to a very particular market of people, young horny men, and mature filthy women looking to explore their filthy side. We’ve been in the dating game for more than 9 years now, so with everything we have learnt about dating over fifty we are able to offer the very best in mature hook-ups, and no strings attached older sex.

How is this adult dating website any different to similar sites out there?

You only need perform a Google search with the words, ‘adult’ and ‘dating’ to see the number of sites offering a sex-related service. The problem is there are so many nothing about them immediately jumps out at you. What’s separating one adult site from the next, in business terms, what is their USP (unique selling point)? Look through that list, it’s hard to know. Whereas with our site, filthy over fifty dating, it’s pretty clear how we make ourselves different to the competition. Our unique selling point is that we offer a service where mature women, in their fifties (at times older) can meet with younger men, chat, flirt and meet up for local sex and fun all over the UK. So with that said if you’re not really into the possibilities of meeting up with older women, we probably suggest this isn’t the site for you right now. But if you ever do go back to wanting to experiment with this idea we would happily welcome you in.

Is this website safe for adults at the age of 50?

You don’t survive in this industry for over 9 years unless you’ve covered all areas of online dating. Something we actively strive to do every day, week and month we are fortunate to run such a successful and popular service. With so much press surrounding the security of online dating, it should be a focus that anyone seeking a service should be looking out for. We are actually very happy when we receive feedback from new members who say that they were impressed by our security and protection measures, and it helped them decide to join. This is good because we applaud anyone who is looking for this information and shows us that we are putting our efforts into the right areas.

So the main security features we use are encrypted data, hiding all our members’ personal and private information, and activity on the site. This comes in the form of some software that we have constantly running on our server called SSL. It’s basically a security certificate, to protect against intruders. The other main areas protect are our member's vulnerability by having a human authentication team that manually goes through and checks every single new profile that is created on If anyone from our team suspects that a profile is a fake, or someone trying to scam other members, they are blocked from entering the site and their profile is held in isolation until they can prove otherwise. This even goes for new members whose intentions and purpose of using don’t fit in with the rest of our users.

What other features and tools are available to help me date?

Our website has been optimised so it will run on all different tablets and smartphones. So if you access your account from an iPad, Android tablet, iPhone, Blackberry, any smartphone, you will still experience the same, easy to use and exciting experience. The only difference is the site will be displayed to you in a way that works with your current device. So for a phone that would mean buttons are bigger, it’s easier to navigate, etc. Once you’ve got a membership to you can take advantage of all the tools and features we offer to search, chat, flirt and meet members. Tools like local search, where you can find members within 5miles to 120 miles from your location. You can also filter your search results by interest, meaning that if you particularly only want to meet a woman between 55 and 65, who was into swinging, living within 10 miles of you – it’s all possible with our search tools. You can also send and receive unlimited messages to each other, which you can access on your phone while on the move. There are loads more features, and the best way to check them all out is to sign up for a free membership trial today.

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