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If you’re reading this then we can only assume yes you are ready to enjoy all the benefits of being a member of our fabswingers community. This is exciting news because you are about to embark on a swinging heaven adventure that will lead you to enjoy the most group sex, and fab swinger parties you could ever want. Our adult site offers a premium platform for meeting women and men, over 50, in the prime of their sexual lives who all share one thing in common; the desire and horniness to meet up on a regular basis and explore their sexual intentions with each other. So whatever your reasons for considering swinging, be that simple curiosity as a single man, or an attempt to inject more spark, and spice into a marriage you are welcome here on You’ll want to know the good, the bad and the fabulous sides of swinging in the UK.

So we’ve established that you want to try this website and service out. Now let us take this time to explain and point out why you will want to take that important sign up step with us. It’s important you have all the facts and information you’ll need to feel comfortable and happy with your decision to join our fab swinger platform. We’ve been in the dating game for nearly 10 years now, and we know that there are some serious hesitations any new members have before they sign up, so we are going to help alleviate those worries, and give you the confidence to go ahead and start swinging with millions of mature adults.

Is this an established and popular website for swingers?

Filthy Over fifty Dating was first established back in 2005, which means its 9 years old this year, 2014. We started out as a small site offering no strings attached sex and dating to men looking for women over 50. As our popularity started to rise we added in more specialist interests, things like dogging, anal, blowjobs, and swinging. What became very clear to us is that just having a dating site doesn’t mean everyone who signs up is going to be into the same thing. We realised this and started branching out, offering our great platform and experience to virtually anyone. This really boosted the number of members who we saw join us, and we now boast a UK site with just over a million active members.

  • 1000’s of fab members from all local areas in the UK
  • Group sex events happening every day of every week
  • Members active and online 24/7
  • A massive amount of dirty mature ladies over 50
  • Millions of photos and videos to look through
  • Over 5 million messages are sent and received every single day
  • Couples and groups use our site to arrange parties and events
  • Over 9 years of swinging experience

Originally we catered for only men and women over fifty, but after receiving a lot of feedback from our dirty mature female members that they wanted some younger cock, we opened up our site for all males over the age of 18, and have been doing so for several years. So yes, we would have to say that we are an established, and very popular site for fabulous swinger parties and events.

Is this a safe and secure website and all the members real?

Obviously whenever you consider joining any adult, online service, the issues surrounding security and privacy become a major factor. You don’t want to find out a few weeks later that your photo and information has been passed onto to another website or company, or that your account has been hacked and any payment or personal details have been attained. We know all this because firstly we listen to our member's concerns and worries, and secondly because since the day we launched our site we have been developing world-class security and protection tools. Our website uses a security feature called SSL, this basically encrypts all the data being passed from you to us, so if anyone was ever able to get that data (and that’s never happened before) it would just read as complete nonsense, and not contain anything that could be linked back to you.

We also use the online dating protector tool on our site. This is a team of real, human people who check through every single new profile created on our website to check its authenticity and intent. If they suspect that a profile has been made just to try and scam our other members, or whose intentions do not fit in with the swinging environment they will be not allowed to join the site, until they clear up any discrepancies. We also make sure not to send you any spam, ever! The only emails we can send you are to do with promotions or other websites in our network that we think you might like from the information you have provided us. But you can stop those emails from coming through by simply changing your email settings under your account information.

  • SL security makes your data safe from hackers
  • On-site protection stops hackers finding a way in
  • Online dating protection is a human team of real people
  • 100% of new profiles authenticated and validated by a real person
  • No spam email sent to your address, ever.
  • Payment statement does not read as the name of this website
  • Only real members with the same genuine intentions as you

Will this swingers website work? And if so where do I sign up?

If our platform didn’t work for what we offered do you think we would have been able to keep going for 9 years? We are in the business of helping people connect with each other to explore whatever sexual activity they wish. Talking about getting sex should not be a tabooed subject, it’s as natural as breathing, and it always amazes us how many people go through life without fulfilling their sexual desires, it’s not healthy and no one should ever feel embarrassed or awkward to get what they want in the bedroom. That’s why our over 50 dating site is so exciting and hot because we can guarantee we will have 1000s of members local to your location looking for the exact same fabwingers experience as you. And you can be sure you’ll be made to feel as welcome as possible, because they are likeminded adults who share the exact same interests as you, so it really is a win, win situation.

Hopefully, by now, we have given you all the information you require to build the confidence in our brand and swinging service. The next step is to sign up for your free membership trial, we offer this to anyone considering trying our website. It’s important you get to have a little ‘test drive’ before committing entirely to signing up. So all you need to do is click the button below this text and it will take you to our 5 step sign up form. It takes less than 2 minutes, and is very easy to use, just following the steps and within minutes you’ll be in and browsing for the next local group sex event.

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