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Filthy Over Fifty Dating is unique in offering a niche adult dating service that suits the needs of adults over 50 looking to meet a dirty older woman or a filthy over fifty man. We have thousands of over fifty members looking to make adult contacts.

Before the unique dating service of Filthy Over Fifty meeting a dirty older woman, or a sexy older man over 50 was a hard task. Thankfully times have changed and it is now much easier to make adult contacts over fifty with the help of this dating website. Whether you are looking for adult dating or a quick one night stand… we can make it happen.

It is completely free to register and search for your over 50 sex partner. We have a range of membership options available so you can make sure you select the package that suits your tastes.

Anna, 61 from Hampshire loves dogging!

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Filthy over Fifty Dates

Hi guys. My name is Anna and I live in Hampshire with my husband Fred. I am 61 years old and started using this adult dating site over 2 years ago.

I have an incredibly high sex drive, and myself and husband love meeting new couples, or guys I can have as a fuck buddy who is over the age or 50, or younger I am not fussy, lol.

The biggest turn on for me is dogging with members I meet on filthy over fifty dating. I have met local members form all over Hampshire and the rest of the UK, I really can’t get enough of it.

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My over 50 sex mate is about to enjoy my friend's cock!
Your first over 50 sex experience can be very difficult especially if you have not prepared properly. The difficulty will mostly come in the form of anxiety at the prospect of sex with an older more experienced woman. Will you be good enough for her or will she be thoroughly disappointed by your equipment, skill level and mode of delivery?

These are hard questions that could easily keep you from getting hard! (Lol.) Anyway, to prepare for your first over 50 shag, start by getting to know the granny you are planning on fucking. The more you know about her, the easier it will be to service her well. That is why you need to invest some time in communicating through phone, emails and granny chat.

Information is power and once you know her better, you will definitely look after her better. Instead of worrying yourself silly over ifs and maybes, simply talk to her and get to know what she likes in life and in bed. Give her a treat in both areas and you are guaranteed to get her to give you the most amazing over 50 sex you will ever have.

[caption id="attachment_267" align="alignleft" width="400"] My over 50 sex mate is about to enjoy my friend's cock![/caption]

I found that my dirty over 50 slut likes it when I share her with my friends. Any time we talk about me and one of my pal's shagging her, she gets super horny and wet! Talk to your granny lover and find out what she wants, that will really help reduce the anxiety of your first fuck with her.

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Over 50 Dating
A horny over 50 slut who is always ready for a fuck!
At work she is a respected (almost feared) company executive. One of the senior most managers, she is a professional woman who has achieved tremendous success for herself and the company. However, away from work she is a wanton slut who is registered as a member to an over 50 dating site where I was fortunate enough to find her.

I cannot get enough of this old horny vixen who is always ready for a fuck. Though age has stolen some of her physical beauty, she more than makes up for it with her enthusiasm and skills. She gives the best blow-jobs and takes it up the ass like a professional hooker despite her 53 years. I am addicted to her and I suspect she is addicted to me.

[caption id="attachment_262" align="alignleft" width="420"] A horny over 50 slut who is always ready for a fuck![/caption]

I hope to one day break her hold on me, but until then, all I can do is keep fucking this horny mature bitch who is so good, I am hooked to the sweet mature sex she keeps giving me.




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New Year Cleanup of Filthy Over Fifty Fails!
Hopefully she had better luck cleaning up her filth!

[caption id="attachment_246" align="alignleft" width="189"] Hopefully she had better luck cleaning up her filth![/caption]


At the beginning of the year some members had suggested that we try and clean up some of the filth that makes up Filthy Over Fifty. To be very honest we went out of our way and made a seriously good effort at cleaning up. Unfortunately we must report that instead of getting cleaner we seem to have managed to actually make it filthier this time round!



But its not all our doing. The new members coming in are really filthy over fifty sluts who are doing a great job of making us the filthiest granny dating site on the internet. Their profiles and pictures are way dirtier than we normally see and will have you going crazy for a fuck.

So, despite our noble intentions and gallant attempt we will for now remain true to what we do best which is being the filthiest over fifty dating site. Wishing you success in all your granny fucking endeavors and may you truly enjoy this filthy new year!

Back to being our filthy over fifty selves! 


Check out our new and filthiest members HERE

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Weekly Granny Dating Member Maggie
Over 50 Sex
Name: Maggie
Age: 57
From: Worcester

Attractive couple looking for fun,over 40 and local only,cock picks and dirty chat never gets answered oh and no face pic will deffo get no reply,clean discreet fun

What do I want, a man (or girl, maybe both!) who enjoys pleasuring me orally, manually (no fisting or anal thank you), with toys or a good hard cock, real or strapped on to a buxom girl whilst I suck her and myself. In return I love licking and sucking, the taste of cum on my tongue drives me mad. A fragrant pussy would be just as nice.

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