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Welcome to the home of Filthy Over Fifty Dating.

If you’re a guy and have been searching the internet for an exciting, unique and very popular adult dating service for meeting women over 50, or if you are a mature lady with a desire to explore your naughty side then Filthy Over Fifty Dating is the website for you!

We are a long established adult dating site that was founded back in 2005. Our original goal was very simple, we wanted to create a friendly, open and exciting environment for members from all walks of life to meet online, talk, chat, and flirt with the eventuality of meeting offline for wild amounts of sex and the opportunity to meet a mature fuck buddy.

With so much negative press surrounding online dating we have put in huge amounts of effort to ensure that our platform is completely safe, secure and easy to use. We have taken necessary security steps, like partnering up with Online Dating Protector, they are a real team of people who around the clock checking every new profile that is created on filthyoverfiftydating.co.uk. If they suspect a profile is fake, or that member has the wrong intentions for our site, they simply don’t get in until they prove otherwise.

Feel free to have a click around some of the members featured on this page, and others. You’ll find members from all areas in the UK, who are all real, active and seeking sex over 50. We also have members with a range of interests, from blowjobs, to fab swinging, you can be sure to find someone to explore whatever erotic activity it is that you want to share.

We have designed our site to be as easy to use and as friendly as possible. We are constantly updating and developing the tools we give our members to use. Things like preforming local searches, browsing 1000s of filthy photos and videos, reading member diaries – it’s all here, and it’s only going to get better! If you do have any issues or problems with the site or service we encourage you to ring our support team, for free, on 0800 987 5555 they work 6 days a week and are always available to help any member out.

If this is sounding like the over fifty dating site of your dreams, then we seriously suggest you sign up for a free membership trial. The process takes no more than 1.5 minutes and means you can be looking through millions of women in their fifties in no time. Thanks for checking us out, and enjoy your time here.   

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When you feel like getting a bit filthy online, you might want a bit of privacy. We know that mobile is now a fast and convenient way to do online dating. It is great for sending messages or browsing through erotic personals on the move. It also means you don’t have to open up the website on a big family computer or at your desk in work!

Because of this, we have gone to great lengths to make sure that we have created a site that works perfectly across all devices out there. So whether you are on a Samsung galaxy or an Ipad mini, you can enjoy all the same features as you would on our desktop site.

Our Top Stories

Don’t hide your sexual appetite

In light of the latest ‘celebrity scandal’, where A list celebrities had naked photos of themselves leaked on the internet we wanted to explain our thoughts on this so called scandal, and how we could use this lesson to all be a bit more open about our sexual intent.
The main problem with this viral wave of naked celebrity photos is that it’s been branded as a scandal, which would suggest there was always something to hide, a dirty little secret that has now been uncovered. Except that is not even close to the mark, if anything the scandal should be about the breach of privacy on the poor ladies whose photos were hacked, not about the photos themselves.
There is nothing wrong with any of the photos that have been leaked, all they show to us are strong, independent women who are proud of the...

Marilyn monroe 246x300

Granny Sex

Let’s face it, we’ve all fantasised about having an older woman take control in the bedroom, but at what age does it stop becoming acceptable?
We are talking about the over 50’s, moving in to the 60+ year old women. Some men will completely turn their nose up because well quite frankly, wrinkles don’t do it for everyone. But granny sex is quickly becoming a thing, so much so that adult sites have categories based on it; dating sites are starting to boom making it much easier for men to contact the older ladies and people are just talking about it a little more than they used to.
What turns us on by the idea though; some guys I know have bedded women old enough to be their granny, is that still an achievement or just wrong? Do we get turned on by their years of experience and knowing what th...

Kinky gran


Your first over 50 sex experience can be very difficult especially if you have not prepared properly. The difficulty will mostly come in the form of anxiety at the prospect of sex with an older more experienced woman. Will you be good enough for her or will she be thoroughly disappointed by your equipment, skill level and mode of delivery?
These are hard questions that could easily keep you from getting hard! (Lol.) Anyway, to prepare for your first over 50 shag, start by getting to know the granny you are planning on fucking. The more you know about her, the easier it will be to service her well. That is why you need to invest some time in communicating through phone, emails and granny chat.
Information is power and once you know her better, you will definitely look after her better. Inste...

Dawn 1

Established in 2008. Filthy over Fifty Dating is

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